Roadside Station Mie “Yukata DAY” A Joint Industry-Government-Academia Internship


Sep 28, 2015

On August 9, 2015, APU students held “Yukata DAY”* at Roadside Station Mie in Bungo-Ono, Oita. With a goal of revitalizing the region, this event was put on by three parties in collaboration: the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism; Roadside Station Mie; and APU. The APU students served Korean tteokbokki rice cakes prepared with local vegetables for free. Visitors could also try their hand at making piggy banks, there were balloon animals, and an SNS-linked project. Looking around, you could see children wearing yukata happily enjoying the tasty tteokbokki and studiously making piggy banks.
*A yukata is a lightweight traditional Japanese kimono for summer use.

After the event, APU students shared a number of comments on it. Among them were:
“My impression was that our involvement with the local area on such a deep level allowed participants from the region to see their usual scenery and everyday things through the eyes of students, which will lead them to find and discover new things.”
“Roadside Station Mie hosts a variety of events. I believe the participation of APU students in those events and their efforts there will help revitalize the region.”
In the end, “Yukata DAY” fostered expectations of APU students’ future contributions to regional revitalization in a manner that leverages the experience that they cultivated in a multicultural environment.

Roadside Station Mie:

(Tteokbokki served at “Yukata DAY”)

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