APU Classes will Resume Monday, April 25

Apr 19, 2016

As we announced previously, the University cancelled all classes from April 18 through April 20 because of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake.
The number of significant earthquakes in Oita Prefecture have been decreasing every day. Transportation and other essential services (water, electricity, communications, and gas) have all returned to normal in Beppu City. Stores and businesses in Beppu are open for business, and there are no problems with food or water supplies.

While the campus is ready to return to normal, we recognize that some students have taken refuge outside of Oita Prefecture or even overseas. In order to give these students enough time to return to Beppu, classes at APU will resume on Monday, April 25. While this means that classes will be cancelled through April 22, the APU campus and Beppu City are safe, and life has largely returned to normal. Accordingly, the campus and campus facilities will return to normal working hours.

At present, Beppu City and the APU campus are safe. Further information about the current situation in Beppu and on the APU campus is noted below. Please be sure to confirm any necessary information.

Note: Updated information about any campus events scheduled between April 18 and April 24 will be posted to Campus Terminal by the offices in charge of the respective events. Some on-campus recruiting events will take place during this class cancellation period. Please see Campus Terminal for updates from the Career Office.

The Situation on Campus and in Beppu City

  • There has been no damage to buildings on campus. Classes can be held as usual. However, we expect that the Library will not be able to complete reshelving the books by the beginning of classes. As a result, there is a chance that only the ground floor will be available.
  • The Cafeteria, Co-op Shop and House Co-op are operating as usual.
  • Although some items on the menu may not be available in the Cafeteria, the Co-op Shop and House Co-op are providing food as usual.
  • APU Faculty and Staff returned to work as normal from Monday, April 18.
  • Essential services (water, electricity, communications, and gas) are functioning normally on campus, at AP House, and in Beppu City.
  • Public transportation in and around Beppu, including trains and buses, are operating as usual. However, a section of the expressway is closed and highway buses are not running.
  • Kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools and other universities in Beppu resumed classes on Monday, April 18.

The buildings on the APU campus have all been built to modern earthquake resistance standards, and are able to withstand not only the magnitude 6 tremors we experienced at 01:25 on Saturday, April 16, but even the magnitude 6 and 7 earthquakes that have struck Kumamoto. We have had professionals inspect our buildings after the earthquakes to confirm that the buildings are safe. Whether you are on campus or downtown, there is always the possibility that furniture may topple or things may fall from the ceiling during an earthquake. Please be safe; review and understand the information below so that you can be better prepared.

What to do in an Emergency

  • Take shelter under desks or anywhere that will protect you from falling objects until the shaking stops.
  • Once the shaking stops quickly evacuate.
    Evacuation spots on campus are the guest parking lot and in around the fountain.
    If you are off campus please evacuate to the nearest evacuation shelter. (Please see the Beppu-City homepage).
    You can find shelter at APU if you do not want to be alone, if you cannot get enough information, or if you are worried about being in your home or at the evacuation shelter
  • Do not use elevators under any circumstances.

We understand that many of our students from places where earthquakes are extremely rare may be very anxious. The counseling room is open and available if you need to speak with someone. Don't hesitate to ask one of the offices here at APU if you have any questions or concerns. We will continue to update the University homepage and Campus Terminal with the latest information.
Your safety and security is our top priority. We are here to support you in your studies and your life here in Beppu.

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