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APU Notebook Certificate Conferral Ceremony Held


Jun 28, 2016

The University held a certificate conferral ceremony on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 to recognize the outstanding achievements of students who completed the APU Notebook. Dean of Academic Affairs YOSHIMATSU Hidetaka praised the efforts of the eleven recipients before presenting each student a certificate of recognition.

"APU Note" is a unique APU assignment that is required of all domestic students * as part of their pre-enrollment education. This notebook contains one page for each country or region in the world, printed with the name of that country or region. Domestic students who plan to enroll compile the notebook in their own way by 1) researching thirty or more countries and regions, 2) writing a paper on a topic they are interested in, and 3) use the theme of "APU and my personal dream" to describing their goals for their life at APU. Once again, this year's students exercised ingenuity in their research and means of expression to present a one-of-a-kind APU-Note that is brimming with individuality.

The winners of this year's top prize for the APU Note are OSEI-ROBBINSON Coco (College of Asia Pacific Studies, 1st year, Japan), YAMANAKA Miki (College of Asia Pacific Studies, 1st year, Japan), and OKAMURA Tomomi (College of International Management, 1st year, Japan).

Ms. YAMANAKA expressed her joy at receiving the award by saying, "I believe that receiving this award is proof of 'the importance of enjoyment'. When I was creating the APU Note, I was merely enjoying myself. Undertaking a task seriously and working hard is fun. That's why I value the enjoyment of the present moment. Sometimes we seem to forget the purpose that we initially held. But isn't that a very sad thing to do in our lives? In my case, that purpose is enjoyment. I live in order to enjoy this lifetime. That's why I came to APU."


APU-Note Prize Winners
Highest award OSEI-ROBBINSON Coco (College of Asia Pacific Studies (APS))
Highest award YAMANAKA Miki (APS)
Highest award OKAMURA Tomomi (College of International Management (APM))
Excellent prize USAMOTO Aya (APS)
Excellent prize KANETSUKI Ayumi (APS)
Excellent prize SAITO Koharu (APS)
Excellent prize SHIMIZU Mayu (APS)
Excellent prize TOKUMARU Hiromi (APS)
Excellent prize MURASATO Suzuka (APS)
Excellent prize ABE Nozomi (APM)
Excellent prize NODOMI Wakana (APM)

*The term "Domestic Students" includes students of Japanese nationality as well as students with other nationality who have a residential status other than college student.

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