Makino Textbook Scholarship Award Ceremony


Aug 26, 2016

The Makino Textbook Scholarship award ceremony was held Monday, August 1, 2016 at APU. This scholarship aims to reduce the financial burden on students when purchasing textbooks. This year, eight students were presented with vouchers that can be used to buy textbooks.

This scholarship was established by APM Visiting Professor MAKINO Hirofumi, who wanted to provide students with financial aid for the purchase of expensive technical books and textbooks.

Dean of Student Affairs MAKITA Masahiro introduced Professor MAKINO and thanked him for his generosity, after which Professor MAKINO stated, “Many technical books are expensive. I hope this scholarship helps students improve their scholastic ability and, by extension, enhance their career.” While introducing some poetry in English and passages from books, Professor MAKINO relayed to students his way of tackling and approaching things, giving those students encouragement in the process. Afterwards, the Professor handed each student their screening results and a book voucher, as each scholarship recipient expressed their gratitude.

At the friendly chat that took place afterwards, Professor MAKINO shared some of his own personal missteps and valuable anecdotes with the students in attendance, who listened enthusiastically to what he had to say. Two of the recipients attending the ceremony shared their thoughts on receiving this award.

SUGIHARA Miho (College of International Management, 2nd year, Japan) said, “I would like to express my feelings of gratitude to Professor MAKINO for offering such a wonderful scholarship. My future goal is to become someone capable of serving as a bridge between nations around the world as I pursue the expansion of inbound business. Not only does this scholarship reduce the economic burden of students, it also provides them with encouragement in their future academic pursuits and career. Professor MAKINO commented on importance of leadership directed towards oneself. I will demonstrate that by continuing to strike a balance between my studies and my extracurricular activities going forward.”

Additionally, GU Haotian (College of International Management 2nd year, China) said, “Receiving this scholarship is not just about benefiting from financial support for the purpose of purchasing textbooks. It is simultaneously a valuable opportunity to learn about leadership and a “Never give up” and “Be confident” mindset from a wonderful person such as Professor MAKINO. As a recipient of this scholarship, going forward, I hope to intensify my endeavors for the sake of my specialized research and future career, and do my part for the forward development of the Asia Pacific region.”

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