High School Students from Around the World Join the ACE Program at APU


Oct 6, 2016

From Sunday, July 31 to Sunday, August 7, 2016, 39 high school students from 14 different countries including the US, the UK, Italy, Indonesia, Kenya, Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Japan participated in the ACE (Academic and Cultural Experience) Summer Program at APU.

The ACE Program is a program where participants get to experience Japanese culture in the diverse environment of APU while also learning to understand and respect each other through intercultural communication.

During their stay in Japan, the students experienced Japanese culture through Japanese language lessons, tea ceremony, wadaiko (Japanese drumming), yukata (traditional Japanese summer clothing), and a homestay experience, as well as developed their multicultural understanding through discussions and interactions with the TAs (Teaching Assistants), Japanese high school students, and other program participants.

ACE program participants had many positive comments about their experiences, such as "the homestay allowed me to experience everyday life in Japan, and my host family was very friendly", "The TAs were so energetic and everyone was so open to new cultures", "I had an amazing experience. I look forward to coming back as a student and studying here." "I was able to meet people from all over the world and learn not only about Japan, but other cultures as well."

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