Shiseido Chief People Officer Leads Career Guidance Session


Nov 7, 2016

The APU Career Office offers a wide variety of career development programs to suit our students at each stage of their four years of study. On Friday, October 14, Mr. AOKI Jun, Chief People Officer of Shiseido, led a guidance session entitled "Why You Can’t Find Your Dream Job".

After graduating from university, Mr. AOKI embarked on a career as an architect. After working on several projects in Japan and overseas, he joined an American consulting firm before joining a French insurance company, where he was in charge of launching their Japanese office. He is currently working as the Chief People Officer of the Japanese personal care company Shiseido, a global corporation whose overseas sales account for more than 50% of total sales.

In his lecture, Mr. AOKI discussed the career outlook he developed while gaining a wealth of experience working for both foreign and Japanese companies. He introduced what he calls the "10 syndromes," or pitfalls one must avoid both when looking for a job and after one has started working. "Don’t try to find a dream job; no one job is the perfect job," said Aoki. "Unexpected circumstances can lead to growth. Look for a job that is tough yet fascinating," he continued. Finally he urged students "not to worry about how others see you. What’s important is how you view the world".

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