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President's Message: Being open to other cultures brings about peaceful coexistence

Feb 9, 2017

As one of the many people concerned that contemporary society is turning inward in a fit of exclusionary egotism, I want to raise the point that the evolution of humanity comes from opening ourselves to other cultures. Starting with the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, we have always developed new wisdom and awareness through experiencing other cultures.

Peaceful, sustainable development is essential to the coexistence of humanity, nature, and culture. At APU we strive to overcome various barriers and limitations in our pursuit of freedom, peace, and humanity. This is inscribed among the very values upon which our university is founded.

You need a resolute spirit to develop an openness to other cultures as well as the wisdom to overcome mutual differences. These are also needed to bring peaceful coexistence into this world. Here at APU, where students from 90 countries and regions come together in mutual respect to study in a multicultural and multilingual environment, we nurture a true global mindset by developing an understanding of other cultures. Diversity gives birth to creativity.

For our students and our faculty, the freedom to travel and the ability to transcend borders are an essential part of higher education, and we must preserve this mobility. We will always support the freedom of education exchange and the sharing of global perspectives.

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

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