APU Faculty Create Writing Manual for Japanese


May 22, 2017

On Wednesday, April 26, 2017, copies of the APU Writing Manual (Japanese Version), created by a group of APU faculty, were distributed in the Japanese sections of Study Skills and Academic Writing*, a mandatory class for all first-year students. Aiming to help students improve their writing skills, the manual discusses a range of topics that students will need to know for university-level learning, including how to conduct a literature survey, how to write reports and essays, citation methods, rules for good writing, and formatting.

The faculty who authored the manual told the new students to make ample use of this learning tool between now and when they graduate.

An APU Style Guide for English writing was previously created, and revised versions of this guide are used by students in the English sections of Study Skills and Academic Writing.

* Study Skills and Academic Writing is a first-year seminar subject that is required for all new students. It uses a combination of lectures and workshops (group work) to provide students with the basic skills and techniques they need to pursue their studies at APU. It is offered in tandem with another first-year seminar called Multicultural Cooperative Workshop, which utilizes APU’s multicultural environment to promote cross-cultural understanding and encourage interaction between APU’s domestic and international students.

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