Fundokin Soy Sauce and Inspire Corporation Conclude Agreement of Cooperation with APU for the Development of Halal Products


May 30, 2017

On Monday, May 15, 2017, Oita Prefecture-based miso and soy sauce manufacturer Fundokin Soy Sauce Co., Ltd. and Tokyo-based Inspire Corporation, a consulting firm that helps Japanese companies expand into foreign markets, concluded an Agreement of Cooperation with APU. The aim of this agreement is to help Fundokin, first established in 1861, develop halal soy sauce products and expand research and education activities associated with said development.

L to R: Kotegawa Kyoji, President of Fundokin; Korenaga Shun, President of APU; Takatsuki Ryosuke, CEO of Inspire

Under this agreement, APU and the two companies will engage in cooperation aimed at contributing to the local community while publicizing the results of their innovative efforts to help a local company expand into the global market. Ultimately, the partners aim to create a new model for regional vitalization.

At the signing ceremony, President Korenaga stated, “Beyond providing education to students, it is important for universities to show the extent to which they can have an impact on society. This agreement gives APU the chance to do just that.” Next, Mr. Kotegawa, President of Fundokin, said, “By cooperating with Inspire Corporation and APU, we are proud to embark on the development of halal products, and we hope to forge into the global market.” Finally, Mr. Takatsuki, CEO of Inspire, remarked, “It is important for a product to match the culture and preferences of the region where it is being sold. With this agreement, we can tap into the knowledge and experience of APU students from approximately 90 countries and regions without leaving Japan.”

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