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The Circle Widens: New Pakistan Chapter Becomes 30th Chapter of the APU Alumni Association


Jun 26, 2017

On May 20, 2017, the Pakistan Chapter of the APU Alumni Association was established, and alumni, faculty, and staff gathered to discuss the chapter’s future activities.

A ceremony was held to commemorate the establishment of the Pakistan Chapter of the APU Alumni Association

In addition to alumni living and working around the globe, the APU Alumni Association welcomes current students as associate members, and it serves to maintain and build ties among all members, be they past graduates or current students. The Alumni Association holds a variety of events to foster friendly ties among its members and provides support to current students for job hunting and other activities. In more recent years, it has expanded its role to become a business networking organization as well.

Following the establishment of the Cambodia Chapter this February, the Pakistan Chapter becomes the 30th chapter of the Alumni Association. In AY 2016, Alumni Association membership passed the 15,000 mark, and this network is an invaluable asset for APU.

Last year, members of the Singapore Chapter and APU faculty hosted a lecture event called Red Dot Talk, and the Indonesia Chapter held a career fair in Jakarta for alumni and current students looking to work for Japanese companies in Indonesia. This May, the Philippine Chapter co-hosted a mangrove planting event with Cebu Green Project, a local environmental conservation group. A total of 51 people from eight countries—namely, Gambia, France, Taiwan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Japan, and the Philippines—participated in this event. The other chapters also hold their own activities and events.

A meeting of the multinational Singapore Chapter

The Philippine Chapter co-hosted a mangrove planting event on Cebu Island

The APU Alumni Association aims to create an atmosphere that i) makes alumni feel at home anywhere in the world, ii) helps them do those things they truly want to do that they cannot do as part of their work, and iii) lets them think freely and realize their aspirations. We look forward to seeing how the ties that bind our alumni together will change the global and local communities.

Follow the links below for more information from the APU Alumni Association:
  Official Website:http://www.alumni.apu.ac.jp/en/

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