Using English in your work — Lecture by three domestic APU graduates


Aug 25, 2017

On Friday, July 7, 2017, three domestic APU graduates who currently use English in their work gave lectures to English language classes at APU, discussing how they enhanced their English language skills, how they selected the company they work for, what their current job entails, the fun parts and difficulties of using English in their work, and many other topics. These discussions motivated and inspired the audience of domestic students, who are in the process of developing their English language skills.

The graduates who gave the lectures were
(Graduates who gave the lectures)

  • NAKAMOTO Daichi (College of Asia Pacific Studies, Spring 2015, Japan, currently working in the daily necessities and toiletry manufacturing and sales sector)
  • NAGA Tomohiko (College of Asia Pacific Studies, Spring 2015, Japan, currently working in the Internet software development and services sector)
  • MATSUI Yuichiro (College of International Management, Spring 2016, Japan, currently working in the sports equipment and goods manufacturing and sales sector)

The audience had many questions for the speakers following the lectures. When asked how they enhanced their English language skills, Mr. MATSUI responded: “I first watched English-language movies dubbed in Japanese, next with Japanese subtitles, and finally without subtitles, and I repeated this process over and over. And making a lot of friends among international students, and actively creating opportunities to use English by spending time together.” In response to a question about their motivation for work, Mr. NAKAMOTO said: “I am working in a sales position, but since I do not have much experience, negotiations do not always proceed the way I want. I try to leverage the communication skills I acquired at APU to get to know the other party, and when I am able to draw out a smile, I feel a sense of satisfaction.” When asked what they focus on when using English in the workplace, Mr. NAGA responded that “conversation partners are often not native speakers of English either, so both parties try to accurately grasp what the other is communicating.”

As a final comment, the graduates added students should be aware that “APU is exceptional because it provides an unconventional environment.” They also encouraged the students by pointing out that “you cannot even find a university like this in Tokyo, so you should feel privileged to be studying in this unique environment, and be proud of being part of the APU community.”

These lectures are part of the GOAL program. GOAL, or Global Alumni Lecture, is a program where graduates from all over the world are connected with students on the APU campus, to speak about and share their knowledge, experiences, and careers. Through both regular curriculum courses and extra-curricular events, the program highlights graduates who are playing an active role in the world as a role model for members of the APU community. By doing so, the program aims to encourage students to think about how learning at APU connects to their careers after graduation, supports students as they develop their career visions, and increases their motivation for learning while in school.

Graduates of APU who are playing an active role around the world are valuable assets of the APU community. The University will continue to provide and enhance activities that connect graduates, students, and faculty from all over the world.

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