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Social Outreach Seminars -Inviting Business Owners and Other Industry Professionals-


Feb 9, 2018

APU arranges Social Outreach Seminars throughout the academic year, inviting business representatives, entrepreneurs, and distinguished experts to speak with students. Each seminar is an opportunity for students to learn skills and knowledge needed in the workplace.

Below are some of the Social Outreach Seminars held in the 2017 fall semester. Each occasion was a chance for APU students to meet and directly discuss topics with top professionals in their fields. Students can look forward to more talks with first-rate experts in the 2018 spring semester.

CEO, PADECO, Co. Ltd., Motomura Yuichiro
Title: Consulting Service for Development

NHK WORLD TV, Kusabu Tani, Chikako Moriyama, Kanako Muta
Title: International Broadcasting & NHK WORLD TV

CEO of KS International Strategies, Inc., Kunihiko Shimada
Title: Negotiation and Communications Skills for Global Leaders – Ways to Establish Mutual Understanding

Honorary professor, Ritsumeikan University, Kunio Chiyoda
Title: International Framework for Financial Disclosure

Director of Country Assistance Planning DivisionⅠ, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yukiko Okano
Title: 50 Years of ASEAN and Bonds of Friendship with Japan

Deputy Commissioner, the Oita Tax Office, Masatugu Yoshida
Title: What YOU Need to Know About Taxes

Senior Advisor, JICA, Motohiro Hasegawa
Title: International Cooperation in Environmental Protection : Theory and Practice

CEO, Work Creation Partnership, Kiyoshi Usui
Title: Challenges and Joys of Starting a Business

Full-Time Commissioner of the Certified Public Accountants and Auditing Oversight Board, Takayuki Matsui, Auditing Officer of the Certified Public Accountants and Auditing Oversight Board, Miki Kaneko
Title: The Expanding Role of Certified Public Accountants in Society

CEO, Okamoto Associates, Inc., Yukio Okamoto
Title: Reading International Turbulence: Contemplating Japan's Course

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