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President Deguchi and Vice President Imamura Speak to New APS Students


Apr 25, 2018

On April 17, 2018, President Deguchi and Vice President Imamura addressed domestic students who are just starting their journey in the College of Asia Pacific Studies. President Deguchi talked about his recommended literature, and Vice President Imamura spoke on the vision of APU.

President Deguchi exhorted students to read books, and gave advice on how to best remember what they learn from the experience:

“Do you remember when I mentioned that people can learn a great deal from other people, books, and travel? Compared to meeting people, and perhaps even compared to travel, books are the most effective tools of learning. So how are you supposed to choose what to read? It’s really quite simple. First, you start with the classics. When you want to read a more contemporary book, you can look at reviews in the newspaper. If you’re browsing in a book store, you can try reading the first ten pages of a book that looks interesting, then decide whether or not to buy it. Reading books you find interesting is the best way to become a lover of books. At your entrance ceremony, you received a list of my personal book recommendations, and if you read one book, you will gain self-confidence. I ask that you give it a try.

And another thing: people must convey their thoughts through words if they are to remember them. If you learn something interesting from people, books, or travel, or learn something in class, I hope you well tell it to a nearby friend. Then you can write about it on social media. This will file it away in the cabinet of your mind, and is the easiest way of remembering something.”

Vice President Imamura encouraged students to be active on campus and in the local area by saying, “Beginning with the plans to open the university, APU’s steps forward and its academics have been two complementary and important elements. What I mean to say is that contrary to common wisdom, it’s not in the big city that cultures mix, it is in a region. And as far as diversity is concerned, APU goes against the grain, equipped with scholarship that reshapes societal values. I ask that you students, by being active in the community, strengthen student life here and thus strengthen the university.

What is Introduction to APS?
In this subject, new students learn the information they need to study in the College of Asia Pacific Studies. Structured as a lecture series, faculty from the four Areas of Study take turns providing students with insight into three topics:

  1. What is a university and what should I do there?
  2. What kind of institution is the College of Asia Pacific Studies, what can I study there, and what is Asia Pacific Studies?
  3. What can I study and research in the four different Areas of Study?

By taking this course, students will have an opportunity to think about what they want to study over the next four years and gain a clearer idea of their goals.

Professor Takashiba

Professor Sudo

Teaching assistants were on hand to support the new APS students.

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