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Honors Program Welcomes Newest Students


Apr 24, 2018

In the fall of 2016, APU launched the Honors Program for Global Citizenship. This is a special program designed for students who can become role models within APU and contribute to the local community. On April 1, an induction ceremony was held for the 12 newest members, including seven international students from Indonesia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, and South Africa, and five domestic students. President Deguchi urged the students to do their utmost for the program and the community as he presented each of them with a program certificate.

The new students chosen as the fourth batch of the Honors Program will spend the next four years making the most of APU's multicultural environment as they collaborate toward a common goal. They will receive ample support as they strive to become individuals who can contribute to the future of the Asia Pacific region.

Students in the Honors Program are expected to uphold APU’s foundational tenants and further the multicultural community that APU supports. This includes:

  1. Understanding APU’s fundamental ideals, including freedom, peace and humanity, international mutual understanding, and the future shape of the Asia Pacific region. They are to become individuals who will tirelessly strive to contribute to the future of the Asia Pacific.
  2. Collaborating with students, faculty, and staff within APU’s multicultural environment.
  3. As model APU students, maintain a high ethical standard and work not only for their own gain, but for the school community and the local area.

More details of HPGC are available at this link:

President DEGUCHI (front row center) poses with the newest Honors Program students and their faculty and staff mentors

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