2018 Spring Scholarship and Awards Conferral Ceremony


Jul 20, 2018

On July 11, a motivated group of awardees and their peers attended the Spring 2018 Award and Scholarship Conferral Ceremony.

President Haruaki Deguchi started the ceremony by exhorting the students and their achievements. He presented an award certificate for the Ando Momofuku Honor Prize to its distinguished recipient, and gave the Ando Momofuku Award certificate to a representative from this semester's group of winners. After this, the Dean of the College of Asia Pacific Studies (APS) Yan Li and Dean of the College of International Management (APM) Toshitsugu Otake presented certificates to student representatives from their respective colleges for the Academic Merit Scholarship and Academic Merit Certificate before congratulating them on their achievements.

Vice-President Yokoyama then presented a certificate to the recipient of the Yokoyama English Award. Dean of Student Affairs Kumi Seike followed by presenting awards for group and individual recipients of the Incentive Scholarship and Certificate for Self-motivated Students and Organizations, followed by recipients of the Self-motivated Students Scholarship.

AY2018 Spring Scholarship Winners
ANDO Momofuku Honor Prize

This scholarship was founded through the generosity of the late Honorary Doctor Momofuku Ando, the founder of the Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd. The Honor Prize encourages and supports students aspiring to become future leaders of the Asia Pacific region.

APM8 Haotian Gu

ANDO Momofuku Award
APS3 Takemasa Oyama APM3 Rina Pokharel
APS5 Hiromi Matsumoto APM5 Shah I. Hossain

Yokoyama English Award

This scholarship was established through a generous endowment by Professor Kenji Yokoyama, Vice-President of APU, with the aim of encouraging Japanese-basis students to strive to improve their English ability in their first year, to encourage these students to discover the many different ways it is possible to learn at this university, and to develop talented individuals who will be internationally successful in the future.

APM3 Junnosuke Chikura

Incentive Scholarship for Self-motivated Students

The aim of the Incentive Scholarship for Self-motivated Students is to encourage and support individuals or groups who have demonstrated exceptional performance in their self-motivated or extracurricular activities, and have established higher and achievable goals for the future.

PRENGO Yossha-Koi

Academic Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is to encourage students who have achieved excellent academic results during the 2017 Fall semester.

APS3 Claire Chia-Chen Liu APS4 Ha Minh Anh Nguyen
APS4 Mai Chi Nguyen APS4 Nguyen Son Tra Mai
APS5 Minsu Koo APS6 Jun Wang
APS7 Talisca A.Natasha APM3 Sangho Kim
APM3 M. Thanarakchok APM4 Jiayue Yu
APM4 Lidan Zhou APM4 Xinyi Zhao
APM4 Pingan Ge APM4 Rong Pan
APM4 Chenxi Li APM4 Zhenchi Jiang
APM5 Jiwoo Kang APM6 Hafiz F. Muhammad
APM6 Ngan Kieu Nguyen APM7 Rubaiyyat Rafi
Academic Merit Certificate

This certificate is to recognize students who rank second or third place according to their academic results during the 2017 Fall semester.

APS3 Kaori Segawa APS3 Eje Jeong
APS3 Soyeon Lee APS5 Haruna Oe
APS5 Miki Yamanaka APS6 Tianru Chu
APS6 M. Kalyanasundaram APS6 Yoshiki Ishiuchi
APS7 Mahiro Hata APM3 Noah Ethan Jago
APM5 Huyen Trang Tran APM5 Shohei Kaneko
APM6 Utami B. Nabilla APM6 Xiaoying Wang
APM6 Phu Chau Pham APM6 Uyen Phuong Huynh
APM6 Tieu Bang Luong APM6 Jennifer
APM7 N. Prechachaisurut APM7 N. Santimahakullert

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