APU hosts 20th Commemorative Symposium on Business Administration


Nov 26, 2018

On November 3, APU hosted a joint symposium on business administration with Otaru University of Commerce, Kwansei Gakuin University, Keio University, and Senshu University. This was the first time that APU facilitated the event.

Each of the five universities presented at the symposium. Participation reached 130 individuals, making for lively discussions between students and faculty in the Q&A sessions after each presentation.

As the yearly symposium celebrates its twentieth anniversary, the professors who participated in Keio University Professor Shimizu Ryuei’s Seminar (Professors Sugio Baba, Yasuhiro Furukawa, Daisuke Okamoto, and Yamato Sato) have been pursuing academic exchange opportunities and deeper learning among students in their own university seminars.

This year represented a homecoming for Senshu University’s Professor Koji Oyanagi, Otaru University of Commerce’s Professor Kazuhiro Kagata, and APU College of International Management’s Professor Yoshiki Shinohara. They were once the students of the symposium’s founders, and now they are faculty members presenting at the very same event.

Following the symposium, a get-together for participants was held at the APU Cafeteria, where faculty and students had the opportunity to mingle.

The symposium is planned to be held in different regions every year, as it has become an extremely valuable opportunity for students from different universities to make contact with each other, maintaining networks that can continue into the future all while receiving feedback from professors regarding their research.

Seminar Topics (ordered by event schedule):
Keio University’s Okamoto Seminar: “The Relationship between Governance and Profitability in Japanese Companies”
Senshu University’s Baba Seminar: “The 15th Kanagawa Industry Academic Challenge Program”
Kwansei Gakuin University’s Furukawa Seminar: “TAT Inc.: A Wise Hawk Protects its Talons”
Senshu University’s Oyanagi Seminar: “Aiming for Profitability in J-League Clubs”
Keio University’s Sato Seminar: “Empirical Study of Knowledge Management in the Information Service Industry”
Otaru University of Commerce’s Kagata Seminar: “Analysis of the Current State of Japanese-style Employment as Considered from Years of Service”
APU’s Shinohara Seminar: “Gender and Business Survival Rate: an exploratory study assessing Indonesian Ashoka Fellows”

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