Alumni Return to Share their Japanese Working Experiences


Dec 25, 2018

On December 8, four alumni returned to APU’s Beppu campus to share their experiences working for companies in Japan. These talks, which took place in Japanese classes, focused on how to strengthen Japanese ability, how the alumni chose the companies they work for, and what kind of work they do. They also spoke on their struggles and triumphs using Japanese in a working environment.

The four returning alumni are:
GANBAATAR Zayasaikhan (APM ’05)
SOUINI, Nadia (APM ’05)
DISSA Syakina Ahdanisa (APM ’10)
RIMON Md Hridoy Mahmud (APM ’18)

These talks with alumni are a part of the GOAL program. GOAL, or Global Alumni Lecture, connects alumni from all over the world with students on the APU campus. Visiting alumni share their knowledge and experiences via talks in a variety of Japanese classes at different levels. Through both regular curriculum courses and extra-curricular events, the program highlights graduates who are playing an active role in the world as role models for members of the APU community. The program aims to encourage students to think about how learning at APU connects to their future careers, supports students as they develop their career visions, and increases their motivation for learning while in school. APU continues to provide and strengthen activities that connect graduates, students, and faculty from all over the world.

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