Domestic Alumni Return to Mentor English Language Learners


Dec 25, 2018

On December 8, three domestic APU graduates who use English in their careers held discussions with students in English language classes at APU. They discussed how they enhanced their English language skills, how they selected the company they work for, what their current job entails, as well as the enjoyment and difficulty of using English in the workplace. The alumni also took time to answer students’ questions. These discussions motivated and inspired the audience of domestic students, who are in the process of developing their English language skills.

The graduates who participated in the talk were:
HONDA Soichiro (APM ‘12)
ISHIKAWA Hiroo (APM ‘12)
ITOI Kiyu (APS ‘16)

These lectures are part of the GOAL program. GOAL, or Global Alumni Lecture, is a program where graduates from all over the world are connected with students on the APU campus to share the knowledge and experience gained throughout their careers. Through both regular curriculum courses and extra-curricular events, the program highlights graduates who are playing active roles in the world. The program encourages students to think about how learning at APU connects to their careers after graduation. It also supports students as they develop their career interests, and increases their motivation for learning while in school.

APU graduates who are playing an active role around the world are valuable assets to the APU community. The University will continue to provide and enhance activities that connect graduates, students, and faculty from all over the world.

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