Sakura Sky Garden to Open at APU Next Year


Dec 17, 2018

The APU Alumni Association will help develop the space east of APU’s Main Gate into the Sakura Sky Garden. Construction on the park is taking place under consultation with the local and prefectural governments in order to preserve the area’s ecosystem.

Construction began in early December with a targeted completion date of March 2019. On October 24, university and construction company officials broke ground in a traditional jichinsai ceremony to commemorate the start of the project.

The Sakura Sky Garden is based on a proposal by the Alumni Association. Moreover, the design, messages, and other associated elements were also planned under Association leadership. The area will debut as a relaxation spot that everyone can enjoy.

Manila grass and cherry blossom trees will be planted inside the garden. A promenade as well as open spaces and benches will be put in place. Former APU President Shun Korenaga will contribute prose to be carved in a stone monument explaining the significance of a nearby shrine, a site of local cultural heritage.

Scene from ground-breaking ceremony

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