APU Governing Advisory Board Convenes For First Meeting

Jan 24, 2019

BEPPU - The AY2018 APU Governing Advisory Board (GAB) held its first meeting from January 11 to 12.

As part of efforts to enact governance and structural reforms tailored to APU’s global learning, the establishment of the GAB was one of the initiatives listed in APU’s plan for the Top Global University Project. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology selected APU for the program in 2014. Detailed preparations for the GAB were undertaken in AY2018, resulting in the first-ever meeting of the board.

The university focused on creating a diverse and international body, inviting individuals from Beppu City and Oita Prefecture as well as Fukuoka, Tokyo, France, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United States. The GAB includes university administrators, corporate representatives, local government representatives, and an APU alum.

AY2018 APU Governing Advisory Board Members (in alphabetical order)

Chair Junko Hibiya President, International Christian University
Member Asma Ismail Vice Chancellor, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Member Toshiaki Kozakai Associate Professor, College of Psychology, Université Paris 8
Member Yasuhiro Nagano Mayor of Beppu
Member Tetsuo Okamoto Director, Department of Planning and Promotion, Oita Prefecture
Member Yoshinobu Okada ‘06 Vice President, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Alumni Association
Member Kumiko Sasaki Chairperson, Groovenauts, Inc. (Head Office: Fukuoka)
Member Tan Chin Tiong Senior Advisor to President, Singapore Management University
Member Kazuhiro Tadokoro CHO, Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd.
(Proxy for President, Representative Director & CEO Koki Ando)
Member Thomas M. Evans President, University of the Incarnate Word

GAB members toured the campus, interviewed students, and offered comments and advice on APU’s Self-Assessment Report. They also met with university officials to discuss a range of topics.

The Self-Assessment Report is a detailed document encompassing several areas, including curriculum, learning outcomes, admissions, student support, administration, and finance. It is scheduled to be made public by the University at a later date.

To improve the quality of education at APU, university activities are assessed and the results of these assessments are made public. In general, full reports are issued every other year and progress is verified annually. External evaluations performed by the University Evaluation Committee and accreditation screenings performed by the Japan University Accreditation Association function together as the Check portion of APU’s Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle.

Information about APU’s accreditation and self-assessment initiatives to date can be found here.

The GAB is the body that provides advice on university administration and projects. It checks the outcomes of APU’s education and research activities, providing advice on major administrative policies (e.g., mid-to-long-term plans and vision) as well as a way to enhance APU’s brand power and international competitiveness. By integrating outside points-of-view into its internal quality assurance system and incorporating the advice of external stakeholders into its Academic Management Plan, APU aims to ensure education quality and university administration at global standards.

GAB-led University Evaluation PDCA Cycle: An Illustration

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