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2018 Fall Scholarship and Awards Conferral Ceremony


Feb 14, 2019

On January 9, a distinguished group of awardees and their peers attended the Fall 2018 Award and Scholarship Conferral Ceremony.

President Haruaki Deguchi started the ceremony by addressing the students, congratulating them on their achievements. He presented an award certificate for the Ando Momofuku Honor Prize and President’s Award to their recipients, and gave the Ando Momofuku Award certificate to a representative from this semester's group of winners. After this, College of Asia Pacific Studies (APS) Dean Yan Li and College of International Management (APM) Dean Toshitsugu Otake presented certificates to students representing their respective colleges for the Academic Merit Scholarship and Academic Merit Certificate.

AY2018 Fall Scholarship Winners

Ando Momofuku Honor Prize

This scholarship was founded through the generosity of the late Honorary Doctor Momofuku Ando, the founder of the Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd. The Honor Prize encourages and supports students aspiring to become future leaders of the Asia Pacific region.

Yoshiki Ishiuchi APS 8th semester

President’s Award

The President's Award is a special honor given to the runner-up of the Ando Momofuku Honor Prize when the difference between first and second place is marginal.

Talisca A. Natasha APS 8th semester

Ando Momofuku Award

Bishal Dhakal APM 3rd semester
Dinethra A. Francis APM 3rd semester
Anahata Harihumar APM 5th semester
Kalpana Ramsharma APM 5th semester

Academic Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is to encourage students who have achieved excellent academic results during the 2018 Spring semester.

Minh Hoa Dao APS 3rd semester
Duy Doan Dao APS 3rd semester
Ayaka Okamoto APS 4th semester
Soyeon Lee APS 4th semester
Vitalestari Agustina APS 4th semester
Thanh Dat Pham APS 5th semester
Yimin Fu APS 5th semester
Ha Linh Nguyen APS 5th semester
Yehai Xu APS 5th semester
Lingwei Zheng APS 5th semester
Sumire Nakashima APS 6th semester
Wardani Clarissa APS 7th semester
Pattham Puechkamut APM 3rd semester
Thanh Mai Nguyen APM 3rd semester
Yoko Ueyama APM 4th semester
Xinyi Zhao APM 5th semester
Fairuza Putri Nabila APM 5th semester
Xiaoya Hong APM 5th semester
Junjie Wang APM 5th semester
Thi Thu Thao Nguyen APM 5th semester
Jinjutha Mahankarat APM 5th semester
Radoslav T. Tsvetkov APM 5th semester
R. Kaewtrakoolchote APM 6th semester
V. Pornpinitsuwan APM 6th semester
Nanami Fukuda APM 6th semester
Thi Hoang Linh Tran APM 6th semester
Huy Hoang Vu APM 7th semester
Anh Tuan Hoang APM 7th semester
Yujie Shen APM 7th semester

Academic Merit Certificate

This certificate recognizes students who rank second or third place according to their academic results during the 2018 Spring semester.

Phuong Dung Nguyen APS 3rd semester
Hiiro Wakiya APS 3rd semester
Xinyu Zhang APS 3rd semester
Avash Byanjankar APS 3rd semester
Mako Tanaka APS 6th semester
Airi Kawano APS 6th semester
Nguyen Minh Chau To APS 7th semester
Vuong Tri N. Nguyen APS 7th semester
Shafira Z. D. Indah APS 7th semester
Yuzhi Lu APM 3rd semester
Dhaffa Pratama Zacky APM 3rd semester
Mulya Lalita Ardhina APM 3rd semester
Jasmine H. Nadia APM 3rd semester
Sandhya Agrawal APM 3rd semester
Bishal Dhakal APM 3rd semester
Tatsuya Hashimoto APM 4th semester
Nene Nakamura APM 4th semester
Yonghan Yao APM 4th semester

College of Asia Pacific Studies

College of International Management

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