APU Joins with Mie Prefecture to Create New Opportunities for Students


Mar 15, 2019

BEPPU, Oita-APU and Mie Prefecture concluded an agreement for advancing cooperation and collaboration with the goal of promoting industry within Mie Prefecture and the development of human capital in future generations. Additionally, the agreement involves support for the employment of both current APU students and APU graduates.

This is the second time that APU has cooperated with a prefectural government, the first being Kumamoto Prefecture. APU is also the first university from Kyushu that Mie Prefecture has partnered with in such an agreement.

The agreement has several major components, which include promoting Mie businesses and events to APU students, hosting company information sessions and employment seminars at APU, and providing information on students from Mie Prefecture and information for students desiring to work there. The agreement will also work to promote employment for international students in Mie Prefecture, develop entrepreneurs in Mie Prefecture, and promote regional industry among other goals.

Eikei Suzuki, Governor of Mie Prefecture, stated that “I am very happy that on this occasion, through the connection with President Deguchi who himself hails from Mie Prefecture, that we have been able to conclude an Agreement such as this one. Through the Mie Vision for the Promotion of Industry we are currently working at promoting the Mie Active Youth program for getting young people to take an active role in supporting prefectural industry.

Roughly half of the students at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University are international students. I have heard that within this environment, where differing values and diversity are mutually recognized, students acquire strong communication and language skills during the course of their study. I hope that through involving these students with diverse and international perspectives in the expansion of Mie businesses abroad, by inviting more inbound international visitors, and in problem-solving for the region and for businesses, that they will create innovative developments and revitalize the region's economy.

Hosting the Ise-Shima Summit was an opportunity for Mie Prefecture to become better known internationally. With the expansion of the world's largest foreign-owned auto parts manufacturers into Mie and a nearly 300% increase in the number of visitors from the key market of Thailand in the last year, there are many opportunities for APU students to try out and demonstrate the skills they acquired at university. We encourage and welcome all APU students to come to Mie Prefecture. You all have my full support.”

President Haruaki Deguchi commented, “I am truly happy that we are able to execute this agreement. There are currently 2952 international students from 89 countries and regions studying at APU. We have 2877 domestic students from across the country, 13 of whom come from Mie Prefecture. I also come from the village of Misugi in Mie Prefecture, so I very much hope that APU graduates with their global vision and unique characters will find employment in Mie and revitalize the regional economy.

I believe that youth from APU who actually live, work, shop, and eat in Mie Prefecture will be able to truly understand Mie for the first time. Also, I expect that they will make use of the things they studied at APU: the mastering of project management, language skills, communication ability, etc.; and in so doing, as they draw locals into their activities, they will bring innovation.

APU graduates also have strong networks in various foreign countries. Through APU graduates making use of these networks and starting businesses in Mie Prefecture that can go anywhere in Japan and abroad, I believe that Mie Prefecture will become an increasingly interesting place and will be able to attract people. To the people of Mie Prefecture: I hope that you will welcome more and more youth and people from other countries while supporting the activities of our APU graduates.

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