The New Values Created on Campus


Mar 27, 2019

Shun Korenaga
Third President of APU (2010-2017)

The APU campus is the best place for developing one's awareness as a global citizen. From the day you step foot on the grounds, you begin a life in a melting pot of unparalleled diversity and intercultural exposure. In the many thousands of years since the emergence of Homo sapiens, humans are supposed to have evolved, but we remain obsessed with developing new weapons for mass murder and continue to foment hostility over borders and territory and kill each other because of ethnic and religious differences. Although our quality of living has evolved, since the birth of our species, we have stupidly fought with and killed each other, so in this sense, we have hardly evolved at all. If differences in ethnicity, religion, and culture lead to bondage and discrimination, then the only thing that can save humankind is humanity, that is, the ability to end bondage and discrimination and learn to respect each other’s existence. This is the true spirit of global citizenship that APU instills in its students.

APU exists to contribute to the universal values of humankind. Amid the massive cultural shift in contemporary society symbolized by the IT revolution and AI, people are starting once again to seek out their identities. Unleashed from all bondage and discrimination, imbued with the spirit of humanity, together we will explore, discover, and disseminate the value of a new kind of human coexistence. As humankind pursues the next stage of evolution, APU is the place that will foster new values of coexistence. In this sense, APU is immortal, APU is eternal, and APU is glorious.

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