President Deguchi gives talk at Oita Prefecture Senior High School


Jul 1, 2019

APU President Haruaki Deguchi gave a talk at the Oita Prefectural Oita-Uenogaoka Senior High School as a part of the school’s “Global Study Course Kick-Off Event.” It marked President Deguchi’s first address to a high school in Oita Prefecture. Oita-Uenogaoka is known for its slogan, “From Uenogaoka to the world.”

The lecture started with questions to students, guardians, and school faculty based on two central themes: how to cultivate global leaders who can be active on the global stage, and why globalization is necessary. President Deguchi highlighted the need for globalization by explaining that “virtually all countries, including Japan, do not have the resources to meet their needs independently, and are therefore compelled to pursue internationalization, develop cordial relations with the other nations of the world, and engage in various kinds of exchange to maintain the convenience of their present lifestyles.” In response to the question of why one should study, which was foremost on students’ minds, he illustrated the importance of study by explaining that “learning, regardless of field, broadens one’s opportunities and options in life,” and that “students who cultivate a curiosity or passion for study about various topics in their high school years, will have developed learning habits by the time they start working, and therefore gain the trust of the people around them.” President Deguchi concluded the talk with the following words of encouragement to students: “We often hear about the dim prospects for today’s Japan, but times like these create opportunities. My wish is that all of you take on the challenge of making Japan a better place.”

In the second half of the event, a group of student representatives took part in an informal meeting with President Deguchi, where they received a copy of his book Lessons for living a ‘Delicious’ Life.

President Deguchi took questions from the student representatives until the very end of the meeting, offering candid responses to each question. The topics that were discussed covered issues that everyone has struggled with at some point, such as not knowing what to pursue in life. Other questions touched on specific topics, such as how to encourage women to take an active role in society.

Reporter, Student PR Assistant (SPA): YAMASHITA Aogu (Japan)

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