2019 Spring Scholarship and Awards Conferral Ceremony


Jul 23, 2019

On July 10, a distinguished group of awardees and their peers attended the Spring 2019 Award and Scholarship Conferral Ceremony.

President Haruaki Deguchi started the ceremony by addressing the students, congratulating them on their achievements. He presented an award certificate for the Ando Momofuku Honor Prize and President’s Award to their recipients, and gave the Ando Momofuku Award certificate to a representative from this semester's group of winners. After this, College of Asia Pacific Studies (APS) Dean Yan Li and College of International Management (APM) Dean Toshitsugu Otake presented certificates to students representing their respective colleges for the Academic Merit Scholarship and Academic Merit Certificate. Vice-President Kenji Yokoyama then presented a certificate to the recipient of the Yokoyama English Award.

<2019 Spring Scholarship Winners>

Ando Momofuku Honor Prize

This scholarship was created through the generosity of the late Honorary Doctor Momofuku Ando, the founder of Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd. The Honor Prize encourages and supports graduating fourth year students aspiring to become future leaders of the Asia Pacific region. Recipients of the prize are awarded one million yen and will speak as the representatives of their class at graduation.

INDAH Shafira Zata Dini APS 8th semester

President’s Award

The President's Award is a special honor given to the runner-up of the Ando Momofuku Honor Prize when the difference between first and second place is marginal.

SAYEED Zubayer APM 8th semester

Ando Momofuku Award

Also founded by the late Dr. Ando, the Ando Momofuku Award recognizes outstanding 2nd and 3rd year students who have a clear vision of their future and will continue to be active in the APU community, both in and out of the classroom.

JUNG Haram APS 3rd semester
HOANG Vu Thien Phuoc APM 3rd semester
BHUPTANI Rajvi Bharat APM 5th semester
TANVIR Md Rabiul Islam APM 5th semester

Academic Merit Scholarship

This scholarship encourages students who have achieved excellent academic results in the previous semester.

FUKUZAWA Miu APS 3rd semester
NGUYEN Phuong Dung APS 4th semester
NGUYEN Nguyen Y Nhi APS 4th semester
ZHANG Xinyu APS 4th semester
NGUYEN Hai Thanh APS 4th semester
FUJITANI Miyu APS 5th semester
ENOKI Ryota APS 5th semester
FU Yimin APS 6th semester
NGUYEN Mai Chi APS 6th semester
HIOKI Mai APS 7th semester
SARASIN Vee APM 3th semester
OSWANDI Renatta Soegiharto APM 3th semester
WARAKULPIRAT Chanapan APM 3th semester
POONPATANAPRICHA Mananya APM 3th semester
KIM Jun Kyo APM 3th semester
PUECHKAMUT Pattham APM 4th semester
THANARAKCHOK Mooktapa APM 5th semester
TRAN Ngoc Lan Anh APM 6th semester
ZHOU Hanzhi APM 6th semester
ZHAO Xinyi APM 6th semester
NABILA Fairuza Putri APM 6th semester
WANG Junjie APM 6th semester
ZHOU Yinsen APM 6th semester
TSVETKOV Radoslav Tsvetanov APM 6th semester
GE Pingan APM 6th semester
LI Chenxi APM 6th semester
LI Yiwei APM 6th semester
CHAIVISATE Nuttamon APM 7th semester

Academic Merit Certificate

This certificate recognizes students who rank second or third place according to their academic results in the previous semester.

HIRATSUKA Haruka APS 3th semester
INOUE Sakiko APS 3th semester
YOSHINO Sakurako APS 3th semester
SUZUKI Haruka APS 3th semester
KURIHARA Michel APS 5th semester
ZHENG Lingwei APS 6th semester
QATRUNNADA Hamparan Melati APS 6th semester
NAKASHIMA Sumire APS 7th semester
JEENSAE Chuthamanee APS 7th semester
DHAKAL Bishal APM 4th semester
CHUA Tze Han APM 4th semester
NGUYEN Thanh Mai APM 4th semester
SIRIVORAWONG Peerayu APM 5th semester
KREUTER Daniel APM 5th semester
YADAV Shashi Bhushan APM 5th semester
THAPA Sanjeela APM 5th semester
NAKANISHI Miu APM 7th semester
SU Yee Mon APM 7th semester

College of Asia Pacific Studies

College of International Management

Yokoyama English Award

This scholarship was established through a generous endowment by Vice-President Kenji Yokoyama with the aim of encouraging Japanese-basis students to improve their English ability in their first year, to encourage these students to discover the many different ways it is possible to learn at APU, and to cultivate talented individuals who will go on to be active internationally.

IKEDA Ryosuke APS 3rd semester

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