The Center for Inclusive Leadership opens with symposium


Aug 8, 2019

On July 3, 2019, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University held the Symposium for the Establishment of the Center for Inclusive Leadership (CIL), a project selected for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Private University Research Branding Project. Approximately 80 students, faculty, and staff attended the Symposium.

The objective of the Center is to research the development of "Inclusive Leaders," individuals capable of converting diverse values into organizational power. APU has achieved an environment of diversity that is rare both in Japan and abroad. CIL will take advantage of this unique characteristic and aim for the development of theoretical frameworks and systemization. Additionally, the university will share the knowledge gained from these developments, and become a research base working to realize an even richer society.

At the start of the Symposium, CIL Director Lailani Laynesa Alcantara, Professor of the College of International Management, introduced the Center. She shared the CIL mission of "Explore and promote academic research, teaching methodology, and practical methods of inclusive leadership" and the CIL objective of constructing “a network of inclusive leaders who will boldly take on the challenge of creating a bright and sustainable future."

Next, the two keynote speakers presented their speeches. Professor Lynn M. Shore of Colorado State University gave a lecture entitled "Leader Inclusion and the Creation of Inclusive Work Environments," which discussed the social identity necessary for making the most of diversity and the importance of belonging and uniqueness in creating a work environment. Ms. Yuko Chiura of Lifenet Insurance Company gave a lecture entitled "Diversity Management of Lifenet Insurance Company" on efforts the Lifenet Insurance Company is making in regards to diversity and LGBT inclusion through the creation of products, services, and a comfortable working environment.

In addition to the two keynote speakers, Dr. Mark B. Milstein and Ms. Monica Touesnard of Cornell University were welcomed to a panel discussion where they helped deepen the discussion on inclusion and diversity in organizations.

During the closing ceremony, CIL Deputy Director and College of International Management professor Yoshiki Shinohara stated his aspiration for "APU to become an even more unique university through researching how we can make use of our diverse environment and become an inclusive leader."

For further information on the CIL, please follow the below link to the CIL website.

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