Beppu City students experience international study at APU


Sep 12, 2019

Over a three day period in late August, APU hosted the University Campus Study Abroad Experience for Junior High School Students, a Project for the Promotion of Global Human Resources Development. Nearly 30 junior high school students from the city participated in the program, which was planned by the Beppu City Board of Education so that junior high school students could develop English communication skills and the ability to work with people representing diverse cultures and values.
The students who took part in the program stayed overnight at the AP House student dorm on campus. They also took part in games and composed speeches in English. Additionally, they took part in presentations of commercial projects with the support of international university students and Assistant Language Teachers based in Beppu City. On August 22, APU President Haruaki Deguchi met with the students and observed their English speeches.

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