Oita’s Famous Xavier Cakes to Go on Sale in Special Package to Commemorate APU's 20th Anniversary


Oct 11, 2019

Xavier Honpo, the maker of the famous Xavier Cakes, will begin offering a limited run of its 12-pack of cakes with special packaging commemorating APU’s 20th anniversary. The special package includes a short essay on the history of Oita written by APU President DEGUCHI Haruaki.

Xavier Honpo was founded in 2001, and since then, its Xavier cakes, made with a combination of sweet white bean paste and butter, have become a standard Oita souvenir. This is the first-ever collaboration between Xavier Honpo and APU, which attracts students from every prefecture of Japan and nearly 90 countries and regions from around the world.

The cakes are available at the APU Co-Op and Oita Airport, and sales will be expanded to souvenir shops throughout Oita Prefecture in phases. Both parties hope this collaboration will raise the profile of Oita Prefecture and APU among customers enjoying these famous Oita souvenirs.

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