Professor Lailani Alcantara answers the question “Inclusive leadership: Why and How it Matters?” in the fourth APU Faculty Lecture in Tokyo


Dec 5, 2019

On Sunday, December 1, about 30 people gathered at the Ritsumeikan Tokyo Campus for the fourth installment of the 20th Anniversary APU Faculty Lectures in Tokyo series to hear Professor Lailani Alcantara, director of the Center for Inclusive Leadership, present a lecture titled “Inclusive leadership: Why and How it Matters?”

Discussing the need for diversity ahead of the lecture, Professor Alcantara said, “Industries and organizations across the world are pursuing diversity. However, despite the resources applied and the efforts made, the benefits of diversity are often not realized. Talent and resources are underutilized, and organizations fail to create new value. With the changing business landscape and deepening talent crisis, the need for a leadership that leverages the value of diversity is paramount.” During the lecture, participants learned why and how inclusive leadership can be key to thriving at work and how it can be part of creating competitive advantages in the highly diverse world we have today.

For the 20th Anniversary APU Faculty Lectures in Tokyo series, members of the faculty of APU will visit Tokyo to deliver lectures on different subjects each month until January 2020. The fifth installment will feature a talk by Associate Professor Thomas Edward Jones on Friday, January 17, entitled “Combatting Overtourism: From Mt. Fuji to the World.”

The 20th Anniversary APU Faculty Lectures in Tokyo are open to the public. To register for a lecture, please use the link below.

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