New bus shelter coming to APU


Dec 18, 2019

As part of its upcoming 20th anniversary, APU continues to make improvements to university facilities with the goal of enhancing campus life for students. As one of these initiatives, the university will construct a new bus shelter, offering convenience and comfort for students and others who commute by bus. The new shelter will be in same location as the current bus stops on campus, and will include a privately operated convenience store. Construction will begin in January 2020, with the bus shelter expected to start operations from mid-September 2020.

A large number of students commute to and from APU by bus, but the current bus stops on campus only offer a limited amount of space for commuters to escape from the wind and rain. University administrators made the decision to build a new bus shelter in response to student requests.

Not only will this new facility offer shelter from the elements, it will offer comfort in the form of a lounge area where students can enjoy a beverage, snack, and conversation while waiting for their bus. The design of the lounge area will reflect the opinions and input received from students during interviews, and the furnishing of the lounge is being supported by a generous donation of 10 million yen from the APU Club Domestic Students’ Parents Association. The bus shelter and lounge, together with the products and services available at the convenience store, will provide students with a new, comfortable area on campus.

Further details will be announced as information becomes available during construction, even as APU pursues further campus improvements based on student feedback and the needs of the larger campus community.

Architectural concept sketch*

Construction schedule

  • Late January 2020: Relocate motorcycle parking lot and begin construction work on temporary bus stops
  • Early February 2020: Complete construction work on temporary bus stops
  • Mid-February 2020: Relocate bus stops and begin bus shelter construction
  • Mid-August 2020: Complete bus shelter construction
  • Mid-September 2020: Bus shelter and convenience store open for public use

Current bus stop

*Please note that the finished facility may differ from this image.

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