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2019 Fall Scholarship and Awards Conferral Ceremony


Jan 14, 2020

On January 8, a distinguished group of awardees and their peers attended the Fall 2019 Award and Scholarship Conferral Ceremony.

Ando Momofuku Award

Also founded by the late Dr. Ando, the Ando Momofuku Award recognizes outstanding 2nd and 3rd year students who have a clear vision of their future and will continue to be active in the APU community, both in and out of the classroom.

FATHIA Fairuza APS 3rd semester
SAMUVELMANI Shibani Melba APS 3rd semester
LUU Thi Phuong Thao APS 5th semester
FRANCIS Dinethra Ashane APM 5th semester

Academic Merit Scholarship

This scholarship encourages students who have achieved excellent academic results in the previous semester.

HAO Ziqi APS 3rd semester
PULATOVA Feruzakhon APS 3rd semester
SO Ikumi APS 4th semester
YASUTAKE Moe APS 4th semester
NGUYEN Phuong Dung APS 5th semester
PENG Dingdang APS 5th semester
NAM Seung Hyun APS 6th semester
YAN Zhiwei APS 7th semester
FU Yimin APS 7th semester
NGUYEN Mai Chi APS 7th semester
XU Yehai APS 7th semester
ZHENG Lingwei APS 7th semester
ZENA Fadilla APS 7th semester
HU Jiarong APS 7th semester
DASH Soujanya APM 3rd semester
NGUYEN Thi Khanh Giang APM 3rd semester
SUN Hao Wei APM 3rd semester
LE Kim Thuy Tien APM 4th semester
KAWAKAMI Makiko APM 4th semester
BIAN Wenjing APM 5th semester
TONG Jingxuan APM 5th semester
ZHAO Yunpeng APM 5th semester
JI Xu APM 5th semester
SUN Tianyue APM 5th semester
PUECHKAMUT Pattham APM 5th semester
VU Thuy Linh APM 5th semester
NGUYEN Phuong Linh APM 5th semester
DHAKAL Bishal APM 5th semester
NGUYEN Thanh Mai APM 5th semester
ANDO Nanako APM 6th semester
JEON Youngjun APM 6th semester
YU Jiayue APM 7th semester
ZHAO Xinyi APM 7th semester
NGUYEN Dang Khoa APM 7th semester
GE Pingan APM 7th semester
PAN Rong APM 7th semester
JIANG Zhenchi APM 7th semester
SALSABILA Farah Brifiansa APM 7th semester

Academic Merit Certificate

This certificate recognizes students who rank second or third place according to their academic results in the previous semester.

PHAM Minh Anh Tu APS 3rd semester
OTGONBAATAR Suvd-Erdene APS 3rd semester
NUKUMI Hiromi APS 3rd semester
IKEDA Marina APS 4th semester
YOO Seungwon APS 4th semester
DAO Minh Hoa APS 5th semester
LI Yueke APS 5th semester
TANAKA Mayu APS 6th semester
NAGASAWA Yu APS 6th semester
HANSEL Dwi Putra APM 4th semester
NOMURA Takuya APM 6th semester

College of Asia Pacific Studies

College of International Management

Incentive Scholarship for Self-motivated Students

The main objective of this scholarship is to recognize students actively involved in extracurricular self-motivated activities. As of this year, the scholarship has been broken into three separate award categories of “Social Contribution Award,” “Award for Excellence in Cultural Activities, Arts, and Sports,” and “Award for Outstanding Contributions to Learning.”

Social Contribution Award
PAYKAR Ataullah APM 5th semester
HIJRAH Saputra GSA 3rd semester
Create a World Without "Refugee"
APU Tourism and Hospitality Assosiation (ATHA)
Award for Excellence in Cultural Activities, Arts, and Sports
YASUDA Kana APS 4th semester
PETER Ryan GSA 2nd semester
Wadaiko "Raku"
Award for Outstanding Contributions to Learning

Division of Student Affairs Award

This award is given to students recommended by a faculty or staff member who have shown exceptional responsibility and leadership in their self-motivated activities.

FUJIMORI Kae APS 8th semester
ONIK Neeshadul Hoque APM Graduated in Fall ‘19

The Ritsumeikan Trust Award for Excellence in Extracurricular Activities

The award recognizes student groups or individuals who have achieved outstanding results in their extracurricular activities.

KANEMOTO Miyu APS 2nd semester
YASUDA Kana APS 4th semester
FRANCIS Dinethra Ashane APM 5th semester
PETER Ryan GSA 2nd semester
Finger Talk
Student Activity Station (SAS)

Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to APU Extracurricular Activities

This award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to extracurricular activities at APU by donating their time and expertise over the years.

Mr. IKEBE Sumimasa Coach, Volleyball club, 20 years
Mr. Mark F. POSSELIUS Sensei, Karate club, 20 years
Ms. MIYAKI Mariko Host family, APU Homestay Program, 15 years

APS: College of Asia Pacific Studies
APM: College of International Management
GSA: Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies

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