Student group APU Colors encourages students to ‘Know Yourself, Love Yourself’ through understanding LGBT+


Apr 8, 2020

Student organization APU Colors and the Student Office worked together to hold an event on campus from December 10-13, 2020, encouraging participants to contemplate sexual and gender diversity, and to better understand themselves in relation to that diversity.

Activities during the event period included face painting, message action, posters, book displays, movies, and more. A talk session with the theme "Everyone is different, everyone is special" was held on Thursday, December 12 with guest YouTuber Kazue-chan, who discusses LGBT+ topics and issues on their YouTube channel. HALU, a past member of APU Colors, took the role of facilitating the talk session. About 60 participants from inside and outside APU listened to the discussion while LGBT+ speakers shared their experiences. During the Q&A portion, the guests and facilitator took a variety of questions, including how they feel about LGBT+ in everyday life. Their answers, thoughts, and opinions provided the audience with some perspective from members of the LGBT+ community.

Message action

Scenes from the talk session (Kazue-chan and HALU)

Library book display

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