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New water bottle filling stations installed on campus


Apr 20, 2020

To commemorate APU's 20th anniversary in April 2020, the APU-Club Domestic Students Parents’ Association sponsored the purchase and installation of four water bottle filling stations on campus. These accessible stations—located on the first floors of Buildings F, D, the Library, as well as inside the gymnasium—will make it easy for anyone with a refillable bottle to fill up and go.

As part of the installation process, the water fountains at each of these locations have been cleaned and, in some places, updated. The tap water at APU has been tested by Beppu City and meets or exceeds all of the city's standards for clean drinking water.

In addition to the convenience offered by these filling stations, using refillable water bottles can reduce the number of single-use bottles, reducing pollution, CO2 emissions, and the impact on the environment. Especially with summer coming soon, it is important to stay hydrated. Drink water before you start feeling thirsty to avoid heat stroke.

The University would like to thank APU-Club for the beautiful new filling stations. We are certain they will get plenty of use.

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