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APU Alumni Spotlight: Illustrator (Ceramics)


May 7, 2020

HAYASHI Tamikazu’ 05
College of Asia Pacific Studies
Illustrator (Ceramics)

After about 10 years as a painter at a Kyoto pottery studio, I went independent in 2017. Currently I am primarily painting pattern designs and selling my work through department stores and catalogs. I have chosen the Scrolls of Frolicking Animals, which are National Treasures and are said to be the oldest manga caricatures in Japan, as the motifs for my patterns. My aim is to paint designs that will make people smile.

What I learned together with my classmates led to an understanding of different values and this has helped me to deal with issues in the world of traditional industries, too. No matter where you go, what you learn at APU will surely benefit your future. I hope you will value and enjoy your student life at APU.

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