APU and Kyushu University Conclude Collaborative Agreement


Sep 15, 2020

August 23, 2020 (Sun), APU and Kyushu University concluded a collaborative agreement. The objective of this collaborative agreement is the development of human resources capable of taking an active role in a global setting in international organizations, NGOs, and so forth.

Based on this collaborative agreement, in the future both universities will engage in providing career support for students by holding joint workshops for the students of both universities who aim to take an active role in international organizations, including the United Nations, and also by holding seminars and international symposiums that take advantage of both universities' networks of partner universities abroad.

Kyushu University offers a broad range of fields and educational resources rooted in its world-class research and educational activities as a university. APU is a pioneer, even in Japan, and offers proven educational resources based on its multicultural collaborative style. Through this agreement, both APU and Kyushu University aim to develop human resources capable of taking an active role, from Kyushu to the global stage, by making the most of the benefits of both universities' geographic areas and popularization of online classes, and by utilizing their mutual educational resources.

Remarks from President KUBO Chiharu, Kyushu University
With Kyushu University and APU each jointly contributing their educational and research knowledge as a result of this collaborative agreement, it will become possible to develop human resources capable of taking an active role in a global setting, which is something that will be needed by society in the future. I have truly great expectations for this.

Remarks from President DEGUCHI Haruaki, APU
On the basis of having concluded this collaborative agreement, Kyushu University and APU will be able to take even further advantage of their various strengths and engage in providing career support for the students of both universities. Moving beyond the boundaries of being a “national university” or a “private university,” I strongly hope that together we will develop human resources who will take an active role on the global stage, from here in Kyushu to the United Nations and international NGOs.

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