AY2020 Domestic Students’ Parents Association Regional Receptions Held Online


Mar 3, 2021

The APU Club Domestic Students' Parents Association typically holds regional receptions in multiple locations around Japan, but this academic year they were held online for the first time ever. Five sessions were held in October 2020 and January 2021, and a total of 450 parents from all over Japan attended.

During these receptions, the Vice Presidents reported on the university’s infection prevention measures and student support amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the status of international student entry into Japan, and efforts to improve the quality of online classes. In the January sessions, three different topics were covered: career support; student life, extracurricular activities, and safety; and learning and study abroad. For each theme, the university responded to questions from the parents in attendance. Many of the questions concerned the state of holding classes amid the pandemic and online job hunting. There were also presentations from two first-year students and two fourth-year students about the current state of their lives as students. The first-year students discussed online extracurricular activities and classes during the pandemic, while the fourth-year students talked about online job hunting.

From the links below, you can view summaries of the Q & A sessions as well as video archives for the AY2020 regional receptions.

*Note: These pages are only available in Japanese.
October Receptions: Q & A Summary
October Receptions: Video Archive
January Receptions: Q & A Summary / Video Archive

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