APU Earns Highest Grade of “S” on Top Global University Project Mid-Term Evaluation


Mar 23, 2021

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University recently received an “S” grade on the Top Global University Project (TGUP) mid-term evaluation conducted by MEXT. “S” is the highest grade on the five-tier S-A-B-C-D scale.

The Top Global University Project was launched by MEXT in FY2014 to enhance the international competitiveness of Japan’s higher education by providing priority funding to two groups of institutions. The first group includes 13 top-class universities that offer world-class education and research by promoting internationalization through partnerships with excellent foreign universities and university reforms (Type A: Top Type). The second group comprises 24 universities that are spearheading internationalization (Type B: Global Traction Type). APU was selected for Type B funding for its project entitled “Global Learning: Toward New Horizons in University Education.”

Under this project, APU has pursued a wide range of initiatives to achieve the “Four 100s”—namely, to i) utilize the dormitory to educate 100% of first-year students, ii) employ multicultural collaborative learning in 100% of subjects, iii) ensure that 100% of students gain overseas experience while enrolled, and iv) achieve the steady intake of international students from 100 countries and regions.

In its mid-term evaluation, the TGUP External Evaluation Committee said it “expects the ‘Four 100s’ can be achieved by the end of the project,” and called APU’s admissions reforms to attract international students and university-wide quality assurance initiatives “highly commendable.”

APU will continue to work steadily towards meeting its stated goals.

Comment from Acting President / Vice President YONEYAMA:
I am extremely pleased with APU’s “S” grade on the recent TGUP mid-term evaluation, which I believe is a resounding assessment of the achievements that our faculty and staff have accomplished together. While considering how to carry on post-project, we will continue working hard to steadily implement the various initiatives aimed at bringing about a Global Learning Community. I kindly request your continued understanding of and cooperation with APU's efforts.

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