United Nations World Tourism Organization Renews Tourism and Hospitality Program's UNWTO.TedQual Certification!


May 17, 2021

The United Nations World Tourism Organization's*1 UNWTO Academy has recognized the Hospitality and Tourism cluster within the College of Asia Pacific Studies at APU by renewing the university's UNWTO.TedQual (Tourism Education Quality) Certification. With the expiration of the initial certification obtained in March 2018, APU underwent the evaluation process once more and was granted re-certification for the longest possible period of four years (April 2021–April 2025) as a result of the high evaluation of the university's efforts.

The TedQual program aims to improve the quality of tourism education and research programs and has been awarded to tourism programs at prominent universities and similar institutions overseas*2.

UNWTO.TedQual and APU

The Hospitality and Tourism cluster, one of the four fields of study in the College of Asia Pacific Studies, utilizes its location in the international tourist destination of Beppu City to focus on local and international collaborative study. TedQual Certification is based on the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism as set forth by the UNWTO—which includes promoting tourism and world peace through tourism, non-discrimination, multiculturalism, freedom of movement, and freedom of employment—ensuring that education and research are conducted in a manner that does not contradict the spirit of the Code. The aim of this code is in line with the academic goals of the university and the College of Asia Pacific Studies. The UNWTO offers a variety of academic and exchange programs to TedQual certified institutions. Thus, by joining this network, the Hospitality and Tourism cluster will be able to build further connections with universities and institutions and establish agreements for international education and research collaboration.

1. About the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
The world's largest international tourism body, the United Nations World Tourism Organization was founded in January 1975 and became a specialized agency within the UN in 2003. The UNWTO supports the improvement of the status and competitiveness of tourism, the promotion of sustainable tourism, and the promotion of development and poverty reduction through tourism.
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2. Please see the following website for a list of UNWTO.TedQual certified schools and institutions.
(External link. Information available in English.)

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