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REACT Holds Multiple Student Exchange Events


Jul 20, 2021

From June to July 2021, REACT (REturn-to-campus Activity CoordinaTor), a student organization that aims to revitalize student exchange, held several events in which many students participated. After the group’s kick-off event in May, there was a period of time when face-to-face extracurricular activities were not possible due to the spread of COVID-19 throughout the country and the prefecture. But after a series of online meetings, the restrictions were lifted and the offline events became possible.

June 22-30: Free Halal Bread Distribution
REACT members were able to distribute 1,250 halal bread sets in 5 days.

June 30: Treasure Hunting
Participating students, in groups of about 5 individuals from various school years and countries and regions, worked together at different points on campus to complete challenges and earn QR codes to be used as stamps.
A total of 70 people participated in the one-day event, which provided an opportunity for new students and students who spent most of the last year in online classes (second year and above) to get to know the campus facilities while interacting with members they had never met before.

July 5-9: Tanabata Event: Star Ice Cream Festival
In honor of Tanabata, REACT offered 500 servings of free soft-serve ice cream decorated with starry sprinkles over 5 days. Bamboos and strips of paper were set up in the Pacific Cafe at the event site to experience the Japanese Tanabata Festival.

~What is REACT (REturn-to-campus Activity CoordinaTor)? ~
REACT is a student organization that was newly established in April of this year with the aim of organizing online and on-campus events that will allow students to interact more with each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, they also have taken over the student aid activities of APU Hands.

REACT members meeting

~What is APU Hands?~
APU Hands is a group of 40 APU alumni and faculty members, established to help APU students who have lost their part-time jobs due to the COVID-19 crisis. REACT has taken over their activities and events.

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