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APM Students Implement Real-World Business Strategies While Collaborating with foodpanda In Sales Promotion Management Course


Sep 8, 2021

During the second quarter of the spring semester, 230 students registered for Professor Geunhee Lee’s hybrid Sales Promotion Management class, a popular subject in which College of International Management (APM) students are exposed to sales management strategies. In order for students to learn the practical implementation of theories taught in class, each quarter Professor Lee invites a company to approach students with their business problems. The students’ task is then to solve the company’s dilemma, culminating in their final presentation at the end of the quarter.

In previous semesters, Professor Lee would approach companies for collaboration. This spring semester’s collaboration, however, came about thanks to a serendipitous reconnection with a former student. Senoto Shimizu (College of Asia Pacific Studies Class of 2017) reached out to his former professor for advice as a representative of foodpanda, a global online food and grocery delivery platform that recently opened a branch in Oita City. To assist the former student, Professor Lee suggested the collaboration between his class and this newly-opened business.

Foodpanda requested students submit strategies for increasing either customers or partnerships in either Oita or Fukuoka. To prepare students for these presentations, Professor Lee spent the quarter equipping students with theoretical knowledge. In class, he employs real-life advertisements, campaigns, and business strategies of worldwide companies (including Paypay, Nescafe, and more) to demonstrate how these tactics are used on a daily basis.

“Since taking this class, I became much more aware of advertising in my everyday life. Everything has a meaning,” remarked one 3rd year APM student, Yousuke Tokumoto.

With the knowledge acquired during the course of the quarter, the students, divided into 30 teams, created their solutions, filmed their presentations, and submitted them to foodpanda. However, the company selected only 3 teams as the first, second, and third-place winners, receiving up to 5000 yen in meal coupons. The company was happy to receive practical solutions they could immediately implement in their business strategy, while students were ecstatic to receive constructive feedback from professionals.

Professor Lee expressed his enthusiasm to collaborate with former students and his satisfaction in seeing his teachings being understood and implemented in today’s business world. He stated, “More than anything, I want my students to take an interest in marketing.”

The professor hopes that this collaboration will lead to a lasting connection between APU and foodpanda as well as more collaborations between APU classes and various companies, including those represented by former students.

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