College of International Management students tackle Oita’s international human resources issues in the culmination of their studies!


Nov 3, 2021

In the Global Management capstone course, a requirement for 4th year students of the College of International Management, guest speakers are invited to introduce problems facing the industry to which they belong. Domestic and international students then team up to use all they have learned throughout their studies to create solutions to those issues.

This semester, using the theme of local government for the first time, the class was held in cooperation with the Oita Prefectural Government. On Thursday, October 21, Mr. Motohiro Yamazaki from the Oita Prefectural Government International Policy Division visited the first class, which was held in a hybrid format of both in person and online attendance. Here, he gave his lecture, “Initiatives to accept foreign nationals”, in which he provided a wide range of information from the basics, such as Oita Prefecture’s population and geography, to its unique traits such as its economic and industrial structure. The students also asked many questions and deepened their understanding of various initiatives in Oita Prefecture that they were previously unaware of. Finally, for the group discussion this semester, two prompts were provided: a simulation of the fluctuation of foreign human resources in the prefecture, and a strategy to significantly increase the number of foreign human resources staying in Oita by 2045.

This course is the culmination of four years of study within the academic structure of the College of International Management, which promotes systematic learning. From here, students will continue to deepen their knowledge of the field and formulate solutions through the lectures and workshops provided by the faculty of the College of International Management. The class will split into small, diverse, groups of students from various countries and regions, languages, and specializations while utilizing their cultivated points of view and skills. Each group of students will be preparing for next January’s presentations. The most outstanding groups will present to representatives of the Oita Prefectural Government and the winning group will be given a special product of Oita Prefecture as a prize.

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