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APU and Kyushu Electric Power, Oita Branch Join Forces to Contribute to a Carbon-Neutral Society


Dec 13, 2021

On Friday, November 26, 2021, APU and the Oita Brach of KYUSHU ELECTRIC POWER CO., INC. signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement in order to contribute to the establishment of a carbon-neutral society.

This agreement provides a basis for the two entities to exchange human and intellectual resources as an initiative toward a carbon-neutral society by 2050. Efforts will include holding lectures for APU while utilizing Kyushu Electric Power Group’s knowledge and network, dispatching students for internships, providing lectures for the Kyushu Electric Power Group by APU faculty members, and creating opportunities for students from various countries and regions to exchange opinions with the members of the Kyushu Electric Power Group.

Through these efforts, APU and Kyushu Electric Power Group aim to develop human resources for the realization of a sustainable society as well as carbon neutrality.

Comment from Kyushu Electric Power Oita Branch Manager Wani

We are very pleased to have signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with APU that will contribute to the creation of a carbon-neutral society.
Toward the realization of a carbon-neutral and decarbonized society, by introducing and expanding renewable energy along with the safe and stable operation of nuclear power generation, the Kyushu Electric Power Group is working to promote electrification not only in our sector but also in the industrial and transportation sectors.
Under such circumstances, I think it is very significant that we, in cooperation with APU, are able to create a place to think about energy for the people who will lead the next generation.

Comment from APU Vice President APU Li Yan

In April 2023, APU is planning to open the College of Sustainability and Tourism (tentative name). *
Under the concepts of "realizing a sustainable society" and "global, cutting-edge, and sustainable tourism," the new college will work to realize the APU2030 vision: "APU Graduates possess the power to change our world."
Kyushu Electric Power Group, through their efforts toward carbon neutrality, share our philosophy and thus, we are very pleased to sign this agreement and expect that it will lead to the development of both parties.
In human resource development, our university places great importance on problem-based learning. I am convinced that students will grow significantly through the learning and experiences through the various businesses and facilities of the Kyushu Electric Power Group.
We also hope to contribute to our common goal of a carbon-neutral society through this collaboration with various faculty members and students of our university.

* The establishment of the "College of Sustainability and Tourism (tentative name)" is currently in development, and the plan is subject to change.

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