2021 Social Outreach Seminars: Inviting Experts to Lecture


Feb 16, 2022

APU arranges Social Outreach Seminars throughout the academic year, inviting business representatives, entrepreneurs, and distinguished experts to speak with students. Each seminar is an opportunity for students to learn skills and knowledge needed in the workplace. Due the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, 5 of the 13 seminars were held online, but nevertheless a total of 1,140 people participated. It was a valuable opportunity for them to hear directly from experts on the front lines who gave them new goals, ideas, and suggestions.

ASAI Office Representative, Michiaki Asai
Title:Implementation of AI models: Case of Trading company

office 3.11, Inc. President, Rumi Ide
Title:Challenge to social change by reducing food loss

Japan Toilet Labo, a non-profit organization Executive Director, Atsushi Kato
Title:Sanitary problems in developing countries: toilets and waste water disposal

Japan for UNHCR Fundraising Coordination Team/Refugee Higher Education Program Staff, Shoichi Yoshijima
Title:Skills for contributing to the international community - Learning from experts involved in development assistance and refugee support

Former UNHCR Staff, Rina Komiya
Title:The role of UNHCR in the international protection of refugees:A perspective from inside

BIG EYE COMPANY, LTD Chief Environmental Officer, Momona Otsuka
Title:Towards a Zero Waste Society -Efforts of Kamikatsu Town-

The Open University U.K. Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics, Dr. Philip Seargeant
Title:Using Social Media for Intercultural Communication

Former Sony Corporation Senior Executive Vice President, Mitsuru Ohki
Title:Curiosity and Playfulness as the Source of Intercultural Communication: from my personal experience at Sony Corp.

Foreign Press Center of Japan President, Kazuo Kodama
Title:International Organizations: Their Significance and Challenges in the 21st Century”

fitfit Ltd. CEO, Shinichi Kimura
Title:Ethical Management and Human Resources: From a PhD Candidate in Humanities to a CEO

PwC Japan / PricewaterhouseCoopers Sustainability LLC Manager, Namiko Ichiki
Title:APU, Sustainability, and Me

Kumamoto National Taxation Bureau Taxation Department Deputy Chief, Hideo Takezawa
Title: Taxes that support our lives

North South University, Bangladesh Professor, Dr. Gour Gobinda Goswami
Title:Innovations in Private University Education in Bangladesh

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