Successful alumni around the world lecture for GOAL Program


Jul 26, 2022

On June 17, 2022, alumni provided lectures as guest speakers for the GOAL (Global Alumni Lecture) Program in both English and Japanese classes.

GOAL, which started in 2015, is a program that invites alumni from around the world to return to campus to share with current students their knowledge and experience gained from working in a variety of industries. This program provides current students with the opportunity to think about their career goals and how their studies at APU will contribute to them.

For the 2022 Spring Semseter, 14 alumni participated online. The graduates inspired their underclassmates by talking about their experiences and language training during their APU years and their careers after graduating.

MAO Phallin (College of Asia Pacific Management* 2005, Cambodia) and FUNGATIRA Yankho Joy (College of International Management 2012, Malawi), a pair who were unable to understand Japanese when they first enrolled at APU, lectured in a pre-advanced Japanese class. “Even if you don’t like it, you should use Japanese more and more,” they advised, speaking from their experience acquiring language through their Japanese classes, part-time work, and friends.

Hoping to gain some insight from their seniors, the participating students, one after another, began asking questions on working in Japan. Though the alumni agreed that “more than Japanese language ability, being accustomed to Japanese culture is important,” the students nevertheless were excited to hear how they overcame the language barrier through daily communication.

The alumni concluded with their last piece of advice, “Choosing the right seminar is important. We were always given questions with no right answer and we would debate time after time with our classmates. It was tough, but it’s an invaluable experience once you start working precisely because you will be met time and time again with problems with no one answer.” Mao added, “Everyone, make many friends and practice problem-solving.” Then Fungatira urged, “Experience everything and anything. Failures are acceptable because you are university students. The experience of challenging yourself is important.”

GOAL is supported in part through donations. Many support these valuable opportunities to connect change-making graduates, APU’s treasures, and current students.

MAO Phallin(2005)
SEKI Keiko(2006)
FURUSAWA Yuiko(2007)
BOONMII Pakrapii(2012)
FUNGATIRA Yankho Joy(2012)
ANISSA Dyah Setyowati(2014)
NGUYEN Ha Van(2014)
ANINDYA Pradipta(2016)
PARK Seung Woo(2016)
PANG Khee Li(2018)
SAKTHIBALAN Balathandautha(2019)
NURULLAEVA Mokhinur(2019)
DAO Minh Hoa(2019)
KHAN Salman(2022)
(Year of graduation)

* The College of Asia Pacific Management’s name was changed to the College of International Management in April of 2009

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