APU signs a partnership agreement with Ikata Town, Ehime Prefecture


Aug 3, 2022

On Friday, July 1, 2022, a ceremony to conclude a cooperation agreement between Ehime Prefecture’s Ikata Town and APU was held at the Ikata Town Hall. The ceremony was attended by Ikata Town Mayor Kiyohiko Takakado and Professor LI Yan from APU, who signed the agreement.

Under this agreement, the parties will share resources, cooperating with each other in a wide range of fields, such as education, culture, community development, and internationalization, in order to nurture human resources who can play an active role internationally as well as contribute to the sustainable development of the region. This is the first time that the local governments of Shikoku and APU have signed an agreement on friendly exchanges.

Planned exchange activities
  1. Credit-certified internships
  2. Lectures and training events
  3. Student extracurricular activities
  4. Field studies
  5. Creating local attractions and promoting both domestically and internationally
  6. Promotion of exchange and collaboration with Misaki High School
  7. Others activities, such as regional revitilization, activities to nuture human resources, etc.

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