Alumna living in Viet Nam gives lecture


Sep 1, 2022

On Wednesday, July, 20, 2022, as part of the Global Citizenship Program, APU invited alumna Akari Nakatani (College of Asia Pacific Studies 2016, Japan) to give a lecture on the theme of finding your own way in life.

Based in Viet Nam, Nakatani works as a YouTuber, actress, and singer. Though she is now quite successful, she says “Originally, I couldn’t believe in myself and had no clear vision.”

During the lecture, she spoke on her life-changing experience at APU, life after moving to Viet Name, and how she overcame difficulties to build her career while sharing specific episodes. She gave advice to participating students on how to spend this precious time in their lives, by putting forth, “Everything starts with a small step,” “There are clues right in front of you,” and “There are no right answers.”

There were many questions for the Q&A session. When asked how to adapt to living in a foreign culture, Nakatani responded, “When you face a culture you do not understand, you get used to it by using your imagination to understand why the people do what they do.”

*Global Citizenship Program
Akari Nakatani’s YouTube「aNcari Room

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