JETRO and APU Sign Collaboration Promotion Agreement


Nov 18, 2022

On Wednesday, November 2, 2022, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and APU held a ceremony to conclude a collaboration promotion agreement. JETRO President Nobuhiko Sasaki and APU President Haruaki Deguchi attended the ceremony and signed the agreement.

Through this agreement, JETRO and APU will work together to promote international industry-academia collaboration, human resource education, and academic research, with the aim of contributing to Japan’s local development, starting with Oita Prefecture, as well as to human resource development. JETRO is a trade and investment promotion agency with 76 offices in 55 countries, while APU is a higher education institution where about half of all students and faculty members are internationals. Combining JETRO's international business know-how and overseas network with APU's multicultural and multilingual environment, the two parties anticipate a synergistic outcome.

Main outline of the agreement

(1) International academic research and collaboration between industry and academia

Utilizing JETRO's overseas information and networks, joint research and joint seminars will be conducted, and APU's knowledge will be connected to companies' international business.

  • JETRO and APU jointly will hold seminars that contribute to the internationalization of companies in the prefecture.
  • JETRO/Institute of Developing Economies will utilize international academic conferences held by APU as a forum for research achievements and research exchanges.
  • JETRO will act as an intermediary so that APU's knowledge can be utilized in the overseas marketing of prefectural companies.
  • JETRO will hold overseas business seminars for APU students (including those who have already graduated) who have started businesses, and provide individual consultations on international business.
  • A JETRO desk will be set up in the APU Career Office (both face-to-face and online)

(2) Developing and establishing high-level global human resources

We will continue to hold networking events between APU's global human resources and foreign-affiliated companies supported by JETRO. In addition, JETRO's support for promoting the active participation of highly-skilled foreign workers will be used to assist job matching between companies and students, create a platform for companies, and support retention.

  • JETRO Oita and companies in the prefecture will cooperate in accepting student interns from APU.
  • JETRO Oita will assist in advertising the GCEP (Globalization Training Course for Working Professionals) program provided by APU to companies in the prefecture.
  • JETRO staff will act as guest lecturers for APU's career development programs and existing courses.

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