Collaboration event "Multicultural Festival 2022" held for the first time at Beppu SUGINOI HOTEL!


Dec 22, 2022

For three days from Friday, November 25th to Sunday 27th, 2022, the "Multicultural Festival 2022" was held at Beppu SUGINOI HOTEL (hereafter SUGINOI HOTEL).

This event was one initiative of the friendship exchange agreement concluded in December 2021 between ORIX Real Estate Corporation, which operates SUGINOI HOTEL, Suginoi Hotel And Resort Co. and APU. Sixteen students were involved in the planning and operation of the event, and together with employees from ORIX, they created the plan over a period of about seven months. On the day of the event, about 150 students and others participated as speakers, introducing the cultures of 10 countries to guests and visitors.

At the event, there was a stamp collection project around the booths of each country, stage performances and a fashion show. The hotel's buffet restaurant offered a special menu for the festival, which included Thai-style chicken rice and Chinese-style stewed pork cubes and so on.

Each booth was decorated with letters and pictures of the respective countries, and students from six countries managed a game corner where participants could experience their different cultures.

Visitors, mainly families, tried paper-cutting unique to China, took commemorative photos wearing Liberian folk costumes, and experienced the cultures of each country while interacting with the international students. Visitors were able to visit booths and experience making lanterns while participating in the stamp rally. The venue was gorgeously colored by the lights of many lanterns floating in the venue’s special pool.

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