APU wins JAOS Study Abroad Award


Dec 23, 2022

The Japan Association of Overseas Studies (JAOS), an industry association supporting study abroad, established November 12th as Study Abroad Day this year. In honor of this occasion, they established the JAOS Study Abroad Awards to celebrate individuals and organizations that have contributed to the promotion of study abroad in Japan. At the Study Abroad Awards, APU won in the organization category for offering a wide variety of overseas programs.

On, November 12, 1872, five women, including Sutematsu Oyama and Umeko Tsuda, were given the opportunity to study abroad with the Iwakura Mission. It was the first time Japanese women were given a chance to study abroad. JAOS designated this day as Study Abroad Day as a symbolic day when study abroad became officially available to Japanese people.

APU offers a number of distinctive overseas study through Off-Campus Study Programs. This initiative has attracted attention at international conferences and seminars, catching the attention of JAOS, and ultimately claiming APU the Study Abroad Award.
The Off-campus Study Programs include a variety of programs centering on intercultural communication, language acquisition, study in specialized fields, and formation of career outlook that also develop on-campus learning. Through four years of study, students are not limited to a one-time study abroad experience, but they can choose from short- and medium-term stays in various countries, field studies in Japan and overseas, exchange programs, and overseas internships according to their interests. Students can learn by combining multiple programs. We will continue to develop various programs and provide opportunities for study abroad so that students can have a wealth of experiences while attending APU.

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