AY2022 Fall Semester Scholarship Conferral Ceremony


Jan 27, 2023

On January 18, 2023, a distinguished group of awardees and their peers attended the AY2022 Fall Semester Scholarship Conferral Ceremony. APU offers a variety of awards to honor and encourage students who have excelled in their studies and volunteer activities.

Awardees (Honorifics omitted. Names in alphabetical order)

Ando Momofuku Honor Prize

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide support and encouragement to those who have excelled in their academic performance, demonstrated strength of character, and achieved outstanding results as leaders in various activities, with the expectation that they will become future leaders in the Asia Pacific region. This scholarship was made possible with the generosity of the late Momofuku Ando, founder of Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd., and recipient of an honorary doctorate from Ritsumeikan University.

Honor Prize
KANEMOTO Miyu APS 8th semester

Ando Momofuku Award

The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage third year undergraduate students who understand the purpose and objectives of the Dr. Momofuku Ando Scholarship Program. Recipients have a clear vision of their future goals, and are actively engaged in student life at APU, both during and outside of regular classes in order to achieve those goals.

SHERLY Budiman APM 5th Semester

Academic Merit Scholarship and Academic Merit Certificate

The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage students with particularly outstanding academic performance in each department every semester.

Academic Merit Scholarship
CARINA Audrey Budiarto APS 7th Semester
DONG Xinyi APS 7th Semester
FREYA Nadira Lathufian APS 7th Semester
GAO Nuoqi APS 7th Semester
IOKU Mai APS 7th Semester
JEIHAN Beutari Chalil APS 7th Semester
LAM Xuan Truc APS 7th Semester
LEE Kwon APS 7th Semester
LYU Qinnuan APS 7th Semester
SATIMBOEVA Rukhsora APS 7th Semester
TRAN Tu Linh APS 7th Semester
WANG Shiqi APS 7th Semester
WARITANI Hinako APS 7th Semester
ZHANG Lingting APS 7th Semester
PHAN Nam Anh APS 6th Semester
TSUKIOKA Shiori APS 6th Semester
ANEZKA Laetizia APS 5th Semester
CHEN Mo APS 5th Semester
HANIA Humaira Buntara APS 5th Semester
NGUYEN Ngo Phuong Thao APS 5th Semester
NGUYEN Van Anh APS 5th Semester
PHAM Bao Khanh APS 5th Semester
TO Ngoc Minh Thi APS 5th Semester
VU Thanh Thao APS 5th Semester
KAWAMURA Hibiki APS 4th Semester
KONDO Haruka APS 4th Semester
PHAM Thi Minh Ngoc APS 4th Semester
SHIMIZU Mako APS 4th Semester
TRAN Ngoc Huyen APS 4th Semester
TANAKA Miu APS 3rd Semester
HONG Kan APM 7th Semester
KENNETH Adrian Luwiska APM 7th Semester
REN Siyuan APM 7th Semester
VIONA Angely APM 7th Semester
WANG Hanqiu APM 7th Semester
HAYASHI Chihiro APM 6th Semester
RIPATTI Jonne Kristian APM 6th Semester
ANDY Wardoyo APM 5th Semester
ANTONIUS Andrew Soetedjo APM 5th Semester
CHRISTY Erina Dikjaya APM 5th Semester
LIU Cong APM 5th Semester
NGUYEN Ngoc Thuy Vy APM 5th Semester
PHAM Quang Minh APM 5th Semester
MIYAGI Shuma APM 4th Semester
CHEN Yifan APM 3rd Semester
FELICIA Angelica Hartono APM 3rd Semester
KIM Gunwoo APM 3rd Semester
PHAN Trung Dai APM 3rd Semester
Academic Merit Certificate
AMARJARGAL Anar APS 6th Semester
GONDO Yuto APS 6th Semester
ISOGAI Kurisu APS 3rd Semester
MARGARETH Angeliqca Wijaya APS 3rd Semester
BANG Jong Hwan APM 6th Semester
KUSAKARI Nao APM 6th Semester
RONGKAVILIT Nichaporn APM 6th Semester
KUROSU Haruto APM 4th Semester
MINETOSHI Taiga APM 4th Semester
YABUKI Yui APM 4th Semester

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